Rolls & Shafts

The TTI Brand Roll Shafts manufactured and supplied by us are made from high grade steel forged rounds and alloy steel. We source best materials for manufacturing our products from the Indian as well as international steel plants. Depending upon the material grade, depth of hardened layer, hardness requirement and use, the Roll Shafts are heat treated either by induction hardening or volume hardening.


  • Precisely designed
  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent quality

Induction Hardening is a very popular method of roll Shafts hardening. Main characteristics of this method are following:

  • The process consists of progressive roll heating inside the suitably designed inductor coil that generates alternating current of desired frequency
  • Quick heat - Quick cool method helps in ensuring fine surface micro structure
  • In this process, the surface area of up to a preset depth is heated at hardening temperature
  • Quick processing means minimum time of exposure at the elevated temperature
  • For induction hardened rolls, conversation to the lower usable size is possible after the life of the prevailing size is over with continuous use and repeated regrinding